Angry Pear

comics about pears – updated twice a week

Pearaphernalia (Shop)

etsy 6 jan 14

Welcome to the Angry Pear shop! Everything here is handmade by me and sold through my shop on Etsy. I also have items available in a few stores in Montreal.


etsy 31etsy 37etsy 36



pear and cheesepearsuasion buttonquite the pearetsy 34snow pearetsy 33

Want a print of a comic from the website that isn’t listed in my Etsy shop? Just email me: drew[at]angriestpear[dot]com

Want a custom drawing? I’m always up for doing custom work! Don’t be shy, just email me: drew[at]angriestpear[dot]com

Prices for custom work start at $35 and are highly dependent on what the project entails.


etsy 29etsy 30etsy 33-3etsy 33-2etsy 32-2etsy13-2etsy 30-2notebooks 2etsy11-2gourmand buttonnotebooksthank you card set


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Angry Pear comics are available in some stores:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

Concordia CO-OP Bookstore

2150 Bishop Street

Montreal, QC

Crossover Comics

3568 Notre-Dame West,

Montreal, QC

Distroboto Machines

(visit their website for machine locations)

Brooklyn, New York, USA:

Desert Island Comics

540 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 388-5087

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