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Happy New Year!

Some Gifs for you!


You may have to click on them to start them going.


(I decided to include this one as well, because it is so crazy).


Thank you for reading Angry Pear! Best wishes to you all for 2014!

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Pears Love Pears

Pears love Pears from Drew McKevitt on Vimeo.

This is a little stop-motion movie I made a while ago.

And speaking of pears loving pears, I’ve been collecting tons of pear pictures on Pinterest. You can follow my Pinterest pear board here!

Also, I’ll be at the Willingdon School Craft Fair this weekend with Angry Pear stuff. If you’re around Montreal, check it out. I think there will be some pretty amazing vendors there.


5870 Terrebonne
Montreal, QC H4A 1B5

In the School Gym

Friday 3:30-7 pm

Saturday 10 am – 3 pm


Arguing Pears

If the picture isn’t moving, click it to start the animation.

This is my first attempt at animation. It’s a pretty simple .gif, but I can’t wait to try more and make something a bit longer!