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The Versatile Blogger Award!


Last week Mature Student Hanging in the There passed The Versatile Blogger Award on to Angry Pear. I’m really honored by this, and I’m happy to pass the award along to 15 other blogs that I enjoy.

But first the Rules of the Award:

Rule 1 – Thank the person who nominated you for the award:

Thank you Jacqueline! Although I only recently started reading Mature Student Hanging in There, I’m hooked. As her blog title suggests, she writes a lot about the challenges and successes of returning to school, but tempers her stories with humor and relatable anecdotes. What I find particularly lovely about her blog is that, while readers may not share her experiences exactly, she manages to captivate her audience and make her tales universal.

Rule 2 – List seven things people may not know about you:

1. Pears are not my favorite fruit to eat.

2. I don’t own a cellular phone.

3. I like Victorian novels—Vanity Fair is one of my favorites.

4. I like to knit and design my own sweaters and dresses.

5. I enjoy the “occasional” cocktail.

6. Like Angry Pear, I am easily peeved.

7. I am a fan of Doctor Who.

Rule 3 – Nominate 15 blogs you think should receive this award:

Here’s a list of the blogs I enjoy. It was hard to limit the list to just 15. They are all over the map in terms of style, topic and execution, but they are all lovely!

In no particular order:

  1. Tales of Thyme and Place
  2. HP Comic
  3. Lack of Cohesive Plot
  4. Dodeline Design
  5. What Have you Done Now?
  6. Jordebot
  7. Illustrate Kate
  8. Esther Duyff
  9. 100 Portraits
  10. Peas and Cougars
  11. The Background Story
  12. The Middlest Sister
  13. Spirited Alchemy
  14. Little Skew
  15. Kitchen Karate

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Yay! You deserve it! You’re the angriest!

  2. Very well deserved, your blog is just wonderful and thank you for the lovely comments about my wee blog!

  3. I prefer the Daleks pearsonally.
    thank you

  4. Well done Drew!!!

  5. 1) You deserve the recognition. This blog is hilarious. And so random. Two of my favorite things. Congratulations!
    2) Thank you very much for choosing our blog (we’re four people working on it) as one of your nominees. I’m happy to know that our blog
    3) I shall visit the other blogs you like so I can discover more gems to follow. 🙂
    4) I’m amazed that you do not have a cellphone — and impressed, too. I’m too dependent on my mobile for my own good.
    5) Who do you think should play Dr. Who in the movie version that’s rumored to come out in two to three years?

  6. Damn, I accidentally submitted that comment. Anyway:

    * 2) I’m happy to know that our blog makes you happy (or sad, given our theme? I really don’t now hahaha) the same way your blog makes me happy! ^_^

  7. Pears are on the rise – as it should be! I told you one day those damn pears would rule the world and put all the non-pears in their place. Thanks for nominating my blog too, though I don’t contribute to it as much as I’d like. I think more readers would be a motivation – so thanks for promoting me. You are a most pleasant pear.

  8. Thank you peary much for the award! (Do you ever get tired of that? Or do you have to pretend that you like it still?)

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