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Pear of the Month – February


It’s time to vote! Yes, February is long gone (thank goodness) and Spring is finally here. We can still take a look back at some of the pears from this winter. Vote for your favorite using the poll in the sidebar on the home page. I’ve assembled some candidates below, but feel free to just write-in any pear you like.

(Click on the links to see the full posts!)

Snow Pear


Angry Pear vs. Traffic Cones


Pears Go Well with Cheese

Neighbors – Sharing a Staircase

You can see previous winners and candidates here.

The winner will be announced in about one week. Thanks for voting!

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

7 thoughts on “Pear of the Month – February

  1. (even though she isnt on the list)

  2. So hard to choose! “Sharing a Staircase” is so very February, though…

  3. My picks usually never win–but it will be, regardless of the vote, Pears Go Well With Cheese.

    Though Sharing A Staircase is a close second……

  4. Love the cheese one:)

  5. Pears go well with cheese

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