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Pear Vs. the Triathlon part 5


Read parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Pear Vs. the Triathlon for the story so far.

We last saw the pears in the midst of catastrophe.

They worked very hard.

“And heave!”  “And heave!” “Heave!”

Once number 11 was free, they were too tired to continue the triathlon.

Number 14 invited everyone to her place.

After a few cocktails, she got an idea.

“I think we should write a letter to the race organizers.”

“And don’t forget to mention the pothole!”

The End.

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

3 thoughts on “Pear Vs. the Triathlon part 5

  1. hahaha .. I love that picture of them crowded around the computer.

  2. A good ending! hahahaha It never ceases to amaze that Pears always like good cocktails and good conversation. hahahaha

    Now there are four angry Pears and all around a computer! hahahaha. I would not want to be on the receiving end of a letter from them!

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