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109 thoughts on “Neighbors

  1. Isn’t that the truth! That’s why we’re willing to walk up three flights of stairs…no neighbors above us! πŸ™‚

  2. Hahaha such a cute picture

  3. To have the power you must have nobody under, above and next to you and be able to look above everybody around you.

  4. Ha hah this is so true! I was so glad when I moved to a house on a quiet street with elderly neighbours. But they’re deaf so we hear their TV all day instead! Ho hum!

  5. So funny! You don’t even need any text- the picture says it all.

  6. I am glad you were freshly pressed, because now I can follow your work!

  7. Ah…It reminds me of the character Heckles in “Friends”..I used to live in this house where the Neighbour guy plays really loud music all day.. and I hate his taste .. It is always melancholy..(Believe me , just when you wake up hoping to have a pleasant day his music just drowns you !) It would not have been so annoying if he played “The Beatles” or some other music πŸ™‚

  8. Don’t miss that one bit πŸ™‚
    Nice illustration.

  9. That’s one angry pear. Understandably!

    So I used to have apartment neighbors who were Indian, and they constantly cooked. So my apartment smelled of heavy oil and curry — non-stop! I don’t suppose your pear would be any happier with that arrangement…


  10. I can take this many ways, but the first that comes to mind is the pear wanting to wack someone with the broom. It’s quite adorable.

  11. Ha, simple and perfect, love it!

  12. How adorable and how true! I have a post on neighbors as well.


  13. Love it! I’ll be back. πŸ™‚

  14. I like your blog title πŸ™‚ I moved out of apartments as soon as I could buy a house, we had gross neighbours!

  15. Hahaha I am experiencing that feeling right now arghh

  16. Awesome. I just got married and moved to an apartment with my husband. We’re on the top floor, so we don’t have noise from the ceiling. We do, however, have a very loud couple across the hall that fights a lot…loudly. One time, we heard her throw him out! And the next day, he was back again, of course.
    We’re happy to be happy together in our otherwise quiet apartment, though!

  17. So cute! It looks like me πŸ˜‰

  18. Hahah, Thats cute! It is funny but not, because i have been there too. Love the pic!

  19. Cute picture, and nice play on words!

  20. wow!! thats a great picture!!!! congrats on being freshly pressed!!! Also very cute name! β™₯ it

  21. …’nuff said…LOL LOL LOL…very well stated in your drawing!

    Love the uniqueness of your site! Thanks for sharing, & congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  22. Haha!! That’s so true! Oh…just brilliant… πŸ™‚

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  23. Honestly Neighbors should be tolerant, only because they are your NEIGHBOR they will need your help one day too. It’s humanity.

  24. Haha! I can relate to that. I used to live in an apartment building, and our upstairs neighbor were so darn noisy, even at 3AM! We slept with a hockey stick, mainly for this purpose!

  25. Love this! And yes, my husband and I live on the third floor for this very reason. Now, if only I could convince him that surround sound doesn’t have to be deafening, haha.

  26. It is true. I live in an apartment and the previous overhead neighbors had squeaky bed springs. They were the worst.

  27. So simple and true. The day I bought a single family home was the third happiest of my life πŸ˜€

  28. Oh my goodness, that is so true!! πŸ˜† Love your blog!

  29. Very funny and easy to relate to. Keep it up. It made my day and gave me a great laugh. Thanks!

  30. I am thankful my neighbors don’t have that looks. The sweetest thing you don’t have to give up is your smile. No matter what. Have a blessed day.

  31. I had no idea that fruit could be so finicky! Congrats on getting ‘pressed’!

  32. Now there’s two sides to every story… I lived above that stupid pear for over a year. He took us to the HOA for what could only be described as a “trial.” At said trial, he presented his “documentation.” Which, simply put, was a list of every time we walked between our bedroom and bathroom before 7:00 am. Yes, walked. Those were his words. Fortunately, the HOA was reasonable and did not request that we fly to the bathroom in the morning.

    But I don’t mean to call your pear stupid. I’m sure his or her neighbors were actually being loud. Very cute!

  33. Uh Oh; I wonder what my neighbors think of me?????


  34. Some how the people above us don’t realize that high heels and hardwood floors don’t mix, especially all day. Do ladies really enjoy walking around their home’s in heels?

  35. Ack! I hate having noisy upstairs neighbors! The worst was when a party upstairs kept me up until 5:00 am – I even used a broom but it didn’t help. 😦

    The good thing is that sleepless nights like that led me eventually to saving up for a down payment on a house!

  36. Haha The picture looks great!!

    -AAV Productions

  37. Great drawing!
    Yup, been there.
    The title is not necessary.
    The image says it all.

  38. Angry Pear is awesome. I suspect it’s a bunch of grapes upstairs causing the problem.

  39. Angry Pear with a broom! Maybe upset of neighbors’ mess πŸ™‚

    Awesome blog! Congrats for being Freshly Pressed! πŸ™‚

  40. This made me laugh! In our house that is how we call my brother for dinner.

  41. Simple and says funny things…well done

  42. Talent, + cute, mad pear = mad, cute pear talent skillz

  43. I am glad you were freshly pressed, because now I can follow your work!

  44. So funny! You don’t even need any text- the picture says it all.

  45. Yup picture tells a thousand words, a great post. Cheers

  46. amazing! the illustration itself will let you know the meaning behind it!! you really know how to express yourself!!! keep it up… =)

  47. That’s life though it is really annoying to experienced it

  48. love it!

  49. LMAO, that pear looks pissed. ❀

  50. Beautiful pic!
    We moved into an apartment block with 5 units, three of which were unoccupied most of the year. Unfortunately, within 6 months, they were all occupied, two of them by groups of students! aarrgghhh!

  51. Adorable picture that says it all! What can I do…the person living upstairs is my mother!

  52. Pears always seem so happy and peaceful. Hard to imagine they are angry. Love the illustration.

  53. I’ve lived in a top-floor apartment for more than 20 years — last night at 4:30 a.m. the baby howled for an hour. Below me. So much for that theory…

  54. I have neighbors that are like that. I understand you’re suffering. It was a very happy day when they moved out! πŸ™‚

  55. amazing, such a nice art

  56. i definatly have a horrible neighbor to live next to and i cant wait for her to just move away! or us get out..

  57. haha lovely! keep up good work πŸ˜‰

  58. So cute! Been there. I enjoyed looking at all the situations Pear has found herself in!

  59. Oh man, this is great. We can hear the neighbors snoring at night, so you can imagine what um…else…we hear. I should print this out and tape it to their front door. May be a little passive-aggressive, though.


  60. Another cute pear
    Congrats on being freshly pressed

  61. Priceless adorable pictures I love it

  62. A freshly pressed pear– does that make wine? Or in this case, might it be ‘whine’ (though understandably) I have no neighbors above, but the noise next door is about the level of a dull roar and they have a tendency to slam their front door, causing my dishes to rattle in the cupboards and our pictures to groan in their frames. I mentioned it to the teenager who lived there and the next week, bubble-gun mysteriously appeared over the number on my mailbox. Tres charmant, non?

  63. LOL thats like my family with our upstairs tenants!

  64. A great post, it is happening to us right this very moment.

  65. I saw this picture 3 ways: floating pear, pear stuck on the ceiling, pear upside down holding onto the stick LOL!

  66. OK, THAT just CMTHU!

    Almost looks like the mythical Foo bird we used to scribble on the chalkboards in high school….long story….

  67. Beautiful blog πŸ™‚

  68. LOL that’s great! I don’t know why I find the picture in the heading so hilarious too..I think it’s because I keep imagining these pears trying to hug each other with their little arms

  69. Great Blog i come again to your blog …..:)
    see this

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  71. Nice post I’ve bookmarked it on Digg under “Neighbors | Angry Pear”. Kudos!

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