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Pearsonal Chef


Sometimes pears wish they had their own private chef.

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

16 thoughts on “Pearsonal Chef

  1. Saw a TV chef make a chocolate pear truffle. Not a big fan of chocolate and pears together – but it looked so simple…. 100gr dark chocolate, 50 gr butter and 50 grams pear sauce (like apple sauce with no sugar)…melt it down, mix it up, let it sit and then when it starts to harden make little chocolate balls and roll then in cacao. Your cartoon made me think of it.
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  2. This is very true. Some pears have wished this for quite some time!!!

  3. Peary sweet!

  4. You just made me wonder, are pears vegetarians?

    • hahaha. I hadn’t thought of it, actually. Which seems weird. If they are vegetarians does that really make them carnivorous since they’d be eating other fruits?

      In any event, they do not eat pears. That would be cannibalism, and that’s just too horrible!

  5. The pears and I have something in common!

  6. gosh i am scared of my pears now .. hehe lovely work !

  7. I think they also deserve an “au pear.” 😉

  8. do they like to drink pearrier?

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