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Relaxing Together


“Be more comfortable!”

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

14 thoughts on “Relaxing Together

  1. Very lovely. I just love the expressions. Thank you. Your posts always brighten my day.

  2. Lol. Been there! I tend to be pretty comfortable, but can’t get comfortable in the reversed position. Love your pics. 🙂 Angie

  3. Haha, this is me, like, every night!

  4. This one is great ! Love the characterisations..

  5. hahaha… the 1st panel is priceless

  6. To be fair, pear does look squishy in the absense of cushions. Brilliant expressions.
    If my dogs could speak that’s what they would say as they try to squeeze me off the couch each evening.

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