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I am attending a conference out of town this week for work, so I won’t be posting until Monday June 11th. Have a great week everyone!

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

11 thoughts on “Travel

  1. HA HA HA … don’t worry in few minutes they’ll all switch to their cell phones … and environment activists wonder why no one likes using public transportation.

  2. This is what happens to me every time I leave the house! Enjoy your conference!

  3. Be safe! And you’ll be missed! Love this one but hope your own travel goes MUCH better. 🙂

  4. Have a fun and safe trip!

    And LOL at the comic. I can relate to Pear, unfortunately.

  5. These pears always look so angelic when they are sleeping.

  6. I love the top one.. we’ve all been there !

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