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Pear of the Month Returns!


pear of the month 2I’ve decided to bring back Pear of the Month. For those of you who are new, this is where I pick out comics and illustrations from previous months and ask readers to vote for their favorites. I’m bringing it back because I want to make a calendar for 2014, and I feel that this will give me a good sense of what I should feature in the calendar.

I had intended to do this for 2013, but never got around to it. I ended up buying a “Bygone Days”-themed calendar from the discount bin at Cartes Carlton. Of course, if I get this one for 2014 together in time, I plan to make it available in my Etsy shop!

We’ll start with January 2013 (no sense going back any further). Here are the contestants!

peace offering full

(You’ll have to click the link to see just what she put in the cookies)

Neighbors: Peace Offering

laundry mishap full

Laundry Mishap

belly dancing pear

Belly Dancing Pear

feeding rabbit full

Feeding Rabbit

pear poetry

Pear Poetry

Here’s how it works: I’ll leave the poll up on the sidebar for about a week. In that time, you can vote as often as you like for as many pears as you like (you can even write-in pears). I’ll announce the winner next week!

Thanks for voting!

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