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Fictional Pears: Hercule Poirot Favorite Quotes


hercule poirot humbility

Again, I can’t remember what episode this is from. But maybe J. Lau does?

Here are some more of my favorite Hercule Poirot quotes (from the television series):

hercule poirot 4 layout

From “Elephants Can Remember”

hercule poirot 2 layout

From “Peril at End House”

hercule poirot 1

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2 thoughts on “Fictional Pears: Hercule Poirot Favorite Quotes

  1. This first one is from “The Mystery of the Spanish Chest”, the last line in that episode, though the second one is from “The Dream”, and the third is indeed from “Peril at End House”. I’d love for there to be a calendar or a booklet of Poirot illustrations!

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