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Not Pear


Although when I originally started Angry Pear I was very adamant about NEVER drawing anything but pears, I have since decided that some things (irritations and annoyances mostly) just can’t be expressed with pears. Or, I guess I should say, they cannot be expressed clearly enough with pears. So I have decided to occasionally post a comic or drawing that isn’t a pear.

windshield wipers on glasses

Wearing glasses in the winter is annoying.

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

17 thoughts on “Not Pear

  1. I don’t mind you stepping away from pears from time to time. I think as long as you keep things like your adorable twitter icon as a widget people who stumble upon your blog will get the awesomeness behind it. I, for one, love this non-pear drawing, I think I know a few people who wear glasses who can relate! Idea for you! Maybe when you do another non-pear comic you can hide a pear in it somewhere. She could have a pear as part of the design on her hat or something 😛

  2. Oh so do I! Somebody should invent them immediately. Your illustrations are so delightful that I can’t believe anyone would worry if they’re not always seeing pear thoughts.

  3. When I was a kid I had a how-to-book about making simple silly things from a tiny engine. One of the things were glasses windshield wipers …. they were pretty terrible :p

    • Hahaha. Did you actually make them? I feel like in practice they would, as you are saying, be pretty terrible. But I still always wish for them every extremely cold day!

      • I do agree!! I remember making them but I bet I didn’t do it properly!! I remember the only reason I wanted that book was to build a solar car! That was cool 😀

  4. i like this expanding of the empire!

  5. as a lifelong glasses wearer, i completely second this notion

  6. Brilliant and completely sums up how I feel!

  7. The very wish of each and every glasses wearer.

  8. Thank you! I knew others would relate to this… the frustration and the blindness!

  9. Still, it could be considered a pear of glasses…?

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