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Not Pear: Rabbit vs. Sharing


beatrice vs. sharing

My rabbit Beatrice actually did this to another bunny in the waiting room at the vet. I was so mortified!

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13 thoughts on “Not Pear: Rabbit vs. Sharing

  1. Rabbits are jealous animals! My family’s had rabbits since I was about 8, but only recently did my dad have 2 at a time. And holy CRAP are they jealous and territorial! All of a sudden the killer bunny in Monty Python seems so much more realistic…

    • Hahahaha! I love that killer bunny, and I agree that once you get to know rabbits, that does start to make sense… I haven’t tried having two at the same time. I always felt like Beatrice is too grumpy to handle it.

  2. This is utterly fabulous and could actually be my two. Ollie is a grey lop x whose ears poke out sideways and Flora is a white & sable bunny who likes her food and would totally steal Ollie’s carrot. Love it!

  3. Reblogged this on Mollie & Claire and commented:
    This is wonderful and could be about my rabbits!

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  5. Will this picture be available as a print to buy at any point? I’d love to get one for my husband 🙂

  6. Love is love but carrots are a different matter.

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