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Happy Birthday Angry Pear!

birthday pear 15

It’s been four years since I started drawing pears! Things have come a long way since then (certainly in my ability to draw). I joined Etsy where I combined by love of knitting and crafting with my love of pears. I’ve  also gotten to meet so many great people through the website and craft fairs. And most importantly, I’ve been able to vent all of my daily grievances through Angry Pear (as opposed to ONLY complaining to friends and family).

 I want to thank you all for following these comics– it really means a lot to me.

birthday pear 16

For my own birthday, I wish I could have a cupcake that is as proportionally large to me as this cupcake is to the pears.

birthday pear 8

birthday pear 11

I used to sell these little birthday pears in my Etsy shop, but I’ve sold out and haven’t had a chance to make more. If you’re interested in them though, just send me a note!


Happy Birthday Angry Pear!

happy birthday angry pear 2013

Today is the three year anniversary from when I started posting pear pictures and comics. Thank you all for following along!


New Stationpeary!

I’ve recently added some new cards in the Angry Pear shop (and they aren’t even pears). I just got them from the printer last week, and I am so happy with how they turned out.

A cute owl Valentine, featuring “Claude,” who has only made one appearance in Angry Pear so far:

And a tipsy crab birthday card:

Go check them out!


Happy Birthday Angry Pear!

It’s been two years since I started drawing pears! Two years, and yet, I am not bored of it in the least. Thank you all for reading!

I’ve been messing around with making stop motion movies with the polymer pears (available for sale at the Angry Pear Etsy shop). I will be posting more soon!

It may be a bit difficult to see this pear’s signs. Her first sign says, “Happy Birthday to me!” Her second sign says, “Hope you got me lots of presents!”


Happy Birthday Angry Pear!

It’s been a whole year since Angry Pear started! In celebration, why not take inspiration from the very first post (“pears enjoy cocktails and conversation… pears also like picnics“) and stay home from work, go on a picnic and sip cocktails? I can’t think of a more pearish way to celebrate!

Angry Pear may not like getting older…

But she does wine and cake!


Clever Pear part 2

(Continued from yesterday’s post)

Since her friend was late, she decided she would just have a taste of the birthday cake…


“This cake is wonderful.”

“Oh no!”

“Happy Birthday! I got you a card.”