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Looking Back: Vacation (Part 1)

This pear is going on vacation for the next two weeks! Finally! I won’t be posting much while I’m gone, so I thought I’d leave you with a compilation of some of my favorite past comics about vacation. This is part one. Part two will come later. Maybe next week sometime.

Click on the links to see the full comic. Some are single panel and others are multiple images.

Pear Family Vacation

(That will be me with the beach ball in a few days.)

Angry Vacation

Pear Packing

A Day at the Beach

(I hope the second part of this one doesn’t happen to me this time!)

Beach Pears


Looking Back – Pear and Rabbit

Angry Pear and her rabbit go back a long ways. Sometimes they get along, sometimes not so much. It’s a complicated relationship. Click on the links to see the full posts.

Pear vs. Bun

A Lovely Rabbit?

Angry Pear and Bad Rabbit

Pear and Bad Rabbit Again!

Good Rabbit


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Looking Back – Work

Working is not an activity that generally agrees with pears. Take a look at some of these old posts about work (or avoiding it).

Angry Pear Adjusts her Office Chair

Co-worker’s Stinky Lunch


Pear Bully Looks for Work

Leaving Work Early

Dream Job


Looking Back: Historical Pears

Today’s Looking Back features some of the great pears of the past, who helped to shape history. Enjoy!

Amelia Pearhart

Pablo Pearcasso


William Shakespear



Looking Back – part 4

This Sunday, Looking Back is all about fashion! Pears love to look good. Enjoy!

Fashion Show

Dapper Pear

The Search for the Pearfect Shawl and The Search for the Pearfect Shawl – Update

Pears like Getting New Boots


Looking Back

Around the 1-year anniversary of Angry Pear, I looked back through this blog and was surprised that I had forgotten about some of these pear posts. I had intended to re-post a few of my favorites from the past year closer to the anniversary, but I just didn’t get around to it. So I’m doing it now. Click on the titles to see the full post. Enjoy!

Internet Shopping

Brunch Disaster

Angry Pear vs. The Jeans

Corpearate Pear