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Angry Pear vs. Montreal Winter: Ice


There is an odd phenomenon in Montreal of pears wearing heels in the snow– and I have never seen one of them fall.

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

11 thoughts on “Angry Pear vs. Montreal Winter: Ice

  1. Gee, I didn’t know pears could do splits!

    Nice heels on the glam pear.

  2. I would not do well with that. It’s 70 degrees here 😉

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! What–no black paint tracks in the snow? 😉

  4. Somewhere inside this scenario, there’s a physics lesson.

  5. Haha, didn’t Pear throw those heels away because they fit too tight?

  6. Last week it was raining while I was walking to work. I was wearing flat sensible shoes, but I was walking on this brick sidewalk and it was very slick when wet and I kept slipping. Some girl wearing three-inch heeled boots walked past me, completely immune to the wet sidewalk. I’m beginning to think heels have some sort of magical power.

  7. This reminds me of women wearing short skirts and high heels while running up the stairs to catch the train in London and Singapore. I was shuffling along in my flats while those women moved quickly yet gracefully around me. Why???

  8. Wow! One of the funniest Pears yet. The arms and legs during the fall are incredible. Amazing how these are getting better with each post.

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