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Hercule Poirot: Favorite Quotes 2


hercule poirot 4 layout

Again, I don’t remember the episode!

Here are some other Poirot pears (click the images to make them bigger):

hercule poirot 2 layout

hercule poirot 1

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3 thoughts on “Hercule Poirot: Favorite Quotes 2

  1. Again, wonderful drawings! For the latest drawing, the quote is from “The Dream”, and the subplot of Miss Lemon’s trouble with her typewriter (which was not in the original short story) was added for the TV adaptation, and it’s quite a humorous one at that!

  2. No problem – I’ve been re-watching many of the older episodes in the Poirot series, as the first of the final five stories to be adapted [“Elephants Can Remember”] recently aired in the UK (and will most likely be airing in the US next year).

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