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Facebook / Twitter Contest!


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Angry Pears like attention too! Like or Follow Angry Pear on Facebook or Twitter and comment below to win a Pears of the World 2014 calendar or a comic book of your choosing.

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All you have to do is “like” or “follow” Angry Pear on Facebook OR Twitter and comment here why you like Angry Pear or which prize you would like. If you’ve already liked or followed Angry Pear (thank you!), just comment here anyway. The contest is open to anyone in the world.

By the end of the day next Sunday (January 26), I’ll pick two winners at random from the comments below.

 Let’s take another look at the pearific prizes you can win!

The Pears of the World calendar features 12 different types of pears, along with a description for each month. I had a lot of fun putting this together.



 New comics from 2013 include Pearishables, Pears of History, Myth and Legend, and Work-a-Day Pear. I also have few copies left of comics from past years.







Good luck everyone! Here are the Facebook and Twitter links again!

Author: angriestpear

Poet, Knitter, Illustrator of Pears

26 thoughts on “Facebook / Twitter Contest!

  1. Pick me! Pick me! I, @TaterTot3187, just followed you via Twitter!

    • As for why I like you, I like that no matter how simple the concept, the fact that you can put a pear in such a variety of scenarios is brilliant. Mary Pearppins, for example, is awesome. I would totally want that Myth & Legend comic book, though everything looks awesome!

  2. I love Pear because she makes me laugh and I can sort of relate to her!!!!

  3. I like angry pear because it’s so cute and they like bunnies and they are so righteously angry and and and it’s awesome 😀

  4. What if you’ve already liked Angry Pear on Twitter and Facebook?! As you know, I’m potty about your work. What you don’t know is that I long for your calendar with a longing exquisite.

  5. Liked you on Twitter and Facebook, you do some great artwork! Thanks for liking my road drawings on my Geek Alabama blog!

  6. @cockstrangler – – I like it when Poirot turns up and I think they’re adorable.

  7. Angry Pear is so cute, funny, and full of character! ❤

  8. I absolutely love the drawings on the calendar. I hope I win (if I win, it depends if I can like Angry Pear on Facebook with my brother;s account),

  9. A pear calendar on my wall?! I pear to believe it could happen!

  10. I love the angriest pear simply because she’s cute and grumpy. Cute things that are grumpy just appeal to me lol! I also really enjoy the beautiful hand drawn images. Love is truly in the details, and I appreciate seeing it in every comic and hand crochet pear! Plus she’s hilarious!

  11. Pear is so sweet and I do love the humour and word games you do!

  12. A comic book of my choosing? Oooh, yes please. I’m pretty sure ‘Pears of History, Myth and Legend’ has my name on it! Well, here’s hoping…

  13. What a pearific contest!

  14. The Pear Calendar is truly a work of art – and I enjoy the various adventures, as well as P(ear)oirot

  15. Liked your FB page as Nuggets of Goodness: PEAR nuggets, that is!

  16. I like Angry Pear because your work is so creative and fun! If I win I would choose the calendar because it looks awesome and I would display it with joy 😀

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  18. Nothing cracks me up more than angry eyes. Except for angry eyes drawn on pieces of fruit! Love it!

  19. A pear of the month calendar is the prize for me!

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  21. Pingback: And the Winners Are… | Angry Pear

  22. Augh! How darling are these pears?! 😀

  23. Thanks everyone for entering! Sorry if you didn’t win. I will have another one sometime though!

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