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Bikes off the Sidewalk!

bikes off the sidewalk

This is one of my biggest peeves about living in a city, or specifically, living in Montreal. Bikes need to get off the sidewalk! I’m tired of having to jump out of the way! Stop at red lights and stay off the sideWALK. It’s not called the sideROLL. There are bike paths!

pearishables cover

This comic is from Pearishables (available on Etsy). 


Rabbit’s Pillows

rabbit pillows full

This comic (and others about pears and rabbits) is from a print comic book I made a few months ago called Pear and Rabbit. You can get a copy at my Etsy shop! 

pear and rabbit_7


Vespa Pear

This one is from “Pears Gone Wild,” one of the new mini comics I made for this year.

(Available at the Angry Pear Shop):

I’m really pleased with how this mini comic turned out. It’s hand-bound and 28 pages long.  Plus I like the pink.


Hipster Pear: With the Band

(Caption reads: My indie-rock-alternative-folk-synth-post-grunge-throwback-pop-new wave- band is taking a break to pursue a less mainstream sound.)

This hipster pear is from a new mini-comic:

Check it out on Etsy!

See more Hipster Pears here!


New Scarf

This comic is featured in a new mini comic book I just made called “Pear and Rabbit.” It’s available for sale in my shop!