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Long Time No Pear

It’s been forever! Drawing has taken a backseat to textiles as I continue in my master’s degree in textile design. But pears are never far from my mind! Here is a pear I knit with wire for a class last spring:



If you’re curious to see more of my textile (knitting), I have a portfolio online here:




Lace Pear

Here’s something a bit different from the usual comics I post. I drew this pear with pen and watercolor, and then became obsessed (hard to believe of someone who has been drawing pears for 4 years, I know) with trying different color combinations. These are my favorites:

lace pear 1

lace pear 2

lace pear 3

lace pear 4

photo 1-4

Goodbye Summer

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bergamot dete calendar


Pear Varieties: Coscia

coscia calender coscia

This one is from the pear calendar for 2014! 

(She is the face of August)


Pear Varieties: Chojuro

chojuro 1 chojuro 2

This one is one of my favorites, because she’s so angry! I made a second watercolor version too. She’s also the month of May in the 2014 Pears of the World Calendar (which is also on sale for nearly 50% off). The thing about this calendar is that you can cut the calendar stuff at the bottom off and have prints after the months are finished!

pear calendar 4

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Pear Varieties: Belle Lucrative

belle lucrative pear final

This pear is also known as Fondante d’Automne (Autumn’s candy).


Abbe Fetel Pear (Pear Varieties)

The Abbe Fetel or Abate Fetale was in the news earlier this month when Italian growers brought this pear to the States for a showing. This is also the pear I chose to make the month of April in the pear calendar. 

abbe fetel 2 Abbe Fetel pear 1