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Nightmare on Pear St.

nightmare on pear st

Happy Halloween!


Pear of the Month – February 2013

Yes, February was a long time ago, but I’m still going to post my favorite pears of that month, and ask you to vote on your favorites. Like I said with my last pear of the month, I’m hoping to turn the winners into a calendar!

The nominees:

Staying on Budget:

staying on budget full

Leftover Cake:

leftover cake full

Snow Days:

snow days

Rabbit Poo:

rabbit poo full

Boxing Pear:

boxer pear 1

boxer pear 2

You can vote using the poll on the sidebar. You can also write in pears from February 2013. I’ll leave the poll up for about a week, and then announce the winner!

Thanks for voting!

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Pear Kayak

pearish kayak

I actually tried this method of conveyance this summer (I am the pear in the inner tube).


Pear of the Month Returns!

pear of the month 2I’ve decided to bring back Pear of the Month. For those of you who are new, this is where I pick out comics and illustrations from previous months and ask readers to vote for their favorites. I’m bringing it back because I want to make a calendar for 2014, and I feel that this will give me a good sense of what I should feature in the calendar.

I had intended to do this for 2013, but never got around to it. I ended up buying a “Bygone Days”-themed calendar from the discount bin at Cartes Carlton. Of course, if I get this one for 2014 together in time, I plan to make it available in my Etsy shop!

We’ll start with January 2013 (no sense going back any further). Here are the contestants!

peace offering full

(You’ll have to click the link to see just what she put in the cookies)

Neighbors: Peace Offering

laundry mishap full

Laundry Mishap

belly dancing pear

Belly Dancing Pear

feeding rabbit full

Feeding Rabbit

pear poetry

Pear Poetry

Here’s how it works: I’ll leave the poll up on the sidebar for about a week. In that time, you can vote as often as you like for as many pears as you like (you can even write-in pears). I’ll announce the winner next week!

Thanks for voting!


Just an Angry Pear


Well, not just an angry pear. This time I tried using Illustrator for the first time to create shading. What do you think?

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Lunch in the Park

lunch in the park


Needlepoint Pears

Pears like needlepoint.

needlepoint pear

Introducing Angry Pear needlepoint canvases and kits!

This winter, I collaborated with Barbara Russell of Barbara Russell Needlepoint Designs to convert some of my pear drawings into needlepoint painted canvases. She picked six of my favorite illustrations. So exciting! Here are the ones she picked:


Pears like Wine:

pears like wine



Pear Salon Disaster:

leaf cut

Pears go well with Cheese:

pear and cheese 2



The canvases have turned out beautifully! You can purchase the canvases (and kits with threads) from Barbara Russell’s website under the pear people collection. I used to do a lot of needlepoint when I was younger, and I can’t wait to try these!

 BR459 BR458 BR457 BR456 BR455 BR454

I’ll post pictures after I’ve finished one of these. I just can’t figure out which one I want. Probably Pampeared.


2012 Favorites

I wanted to make a pear calendar for 2013 using the winners of Pear of the Month, but that never materialized since I kind of abandoned Pear of the Month mid way through the year.(I still want to bring it back though). WordPress, however, kept a record of the most popular posts from last year. So here they are!

fifty shades of green full


the exporpear full

sharing a staircase full







Thank You!

cute pear

I want to thank all of you for reading Angry Pear. It means a lot to me. I make Angry Pear because it makes me smile and laugh, and sometimes it helps me work out some of my own anger issues… It’s rewarding to share these comics and drawings with readers who appreciate what I’m doing.  So thank you all for reading, commenting, and laughing. Please keep sharing Angry Pear with your friends and family!

(Consider following me on Twitter or Facebook for a little extra pearishness!)

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2013!


Christmas Village

chirstmas village full

I’d like to be the kind of pear that has a Christmas village, or rather, the kind of pear that can afford one.

The Art of Giving


the art of giving full

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Pears Love Pears

Pears love Pears from Drew McKevitt on Vimeo.

This is a little stop-motion movie I made a while ago.

And speaking of pears loving pears, I’ve been collecting tons of pear pictures on Pinterest. You can follow my Pinterest pear board here!

Also, I’ll be at the Willingdon School Craft Fair this weekend with Angry Pear stuff. If you’re around Montreal, check it out. I think there will be some pretty amazing vendors there.


5870 Terrebonne
Montreal, QC H4A 1B5

In the School Gym

Friday 3:30-7 pm

Saturday 10 am – 3 pm

Couch Too Small


couch too small


NovemPEAR Sale!

I’m offering a special sale on the Angry Pear Etsy shop! Use the coupon code 15PEARCENT and get 15 percent off on everything in the store until the end of November! I’ve been adding new things, like hand-bound, comics, knit pears, and a few new cards. There are also special Holiday Stationpeary sets (Christmas and New Year), so go check them out!



Neighbors: Loud Walking

Other illustrations / comics related to Angry Pear’s neighbors:


The War Escalates

Sharing a Staircase

Watchful Pear


Expozine 2012

If you’re in Montreal, come out this weekend to support (suppeart) Angry Pear at Expozine! I’ll have comics, pins, magnets, “Stationpeary,” Micro Pears and more!

There looks to be an interesting line-up of independent presses and creators, so if you can make it, definitely check it out!


Expozine 2012

Saturday and Sunday (November 17 and 18), 12pm-6pm

5035 St-Dominique (Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, between St-Joseph & Laurier, near Laurier Métro)

(Admission is free)

Getting to Work Early



New Scarf

This comic is featured in a new mini comic book I just made called “Pear and Rabbit.” It’s available for sale in my shop!


New Stationpeary!

I’ve recently added some new cards in the Angry Pear shop (and they aren’t even pears). I just got them from the printer last week, and I am so happy with how they turned out.

A cute owl Valentine, featuring “Claude,” who has only made one appearance in Angry Pear so far:

And a tipsy crab birthday card:

Go check them out!

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Angry Pear vs. Jogging Pear

A follow-up to last week’s post.

My Feet Hurt



Looking Back: Halloween! 1

I’m starting to get into the Halloween spirit. Here are some of my favorite Halloween pears from past years:

“What kind of trick is this!?”

Pear dressed as an apple. Not much scarier than that!

“There’s no such thing as Vampears. They don’t exist.”

I made some special Halloween themed pins– ghosts and vampears! You can get them at the Angry Pear Etsy Shop.

Remote Control


remote control


Caption Contest Winner

Thank you everyone for participating the Caption Contest. The poll is closed now and the winner is:

“Hey, where’s my PEAR-ignon?” by Mal from Maloquacious

Congrats! Hope to have another caption contest next month (with more prizes), so stay tuned!


Last Days of the Balcony


It’s getting just a bit too cold to sit out on the balcony and enjoy oneself. I did, however, get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it this summer (most of the time).

Some pictures of the pears (and owls) on my balcony:

Pear-shaped owl.


Capton Contest – finalists!

Last week, I posted a pear picture and asked readers to caption it. All of the captions were hilarious, but there can only be one winner! It was hard for me to pick, but I’ve narrowed it down to four, now it’s up to you to pick the favorite!

Use this poll (I’ve add the option to add a completely different choice, in case you completely disagree with my finalists):

Thanks for playing everyone! I’ll announce the winner this weekend!


Not Doing the Dishes

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And the Winner is …

Repearman! (parts 1 and 2).

Thanks for voting!


Arguing Pears

If the picture isn’t moving, click it to start the animation.

This is my first attempt at animation. It’s a pretty simple .gif, but I can’t wait to try more and make something a bit longer!


Pear of the Month – April 2012

I keep missing Pear of the Month, but instead of skipping a few months, I will just backtrack. This week, the vote is for April. Which one of these Spring Pears will win the most admiration? You decide!

Click on the links to see the full comics / posts, then place your vote with the poll on the sidebar. The poll only shows up on the homepage. Or you can just write your vote in the comments.

I’ll post the winners in about a week! Thanks for voting!

Repearman and Repearman 2

Pears like Cadbury Eggs

Angry Pear Chokes on her own Rage

Pear Salon Disaster

Easter Photo Shoot

Plotting Pears


Angry Nap


Rabbit Medicine – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.




Fifty Shades of Green

Some pears love it:

Some pears hate it:

(Granted, Fifty Shades of Green is no Pears of Passion or Vampear Lover!)


Angry Pear Hates Mondays


New Fan


Sometimes Pears Don’t like Sitting on the Balcony

Usually pears like sitting on the balcony.

Other times, not so much:

Other illustrations / comics related to Angry Pear’s neighbors:


The War Escalates

Sharing a Staircase

Watchful Pear


Swimming in the Ocean

Happy Labor Day!


Pears like Soft Seats


Looking Back: Vacation (Part 2)

My vacation is almost over, but before I return to the real world, I thought I would share a few more of my favorite vacation comics from years past. Click on the links to see the full posts.

Sand pear!

I’ll be posting new vacation comics next week!

Beach Arguments

Back to Work


Ready for the Resort


Woodland Trail

(This happened to me last summer. Not one of my happier memories of that vacation!)

Memories of Vacation