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Trying to Think

trying to think

Other things pears try to do:

Trying to Read

Trying to Relax

Trying to Stay Cool


Not Pear

Although when I originally started Angry Pear I was very adamant about NEVER drawing anything but pears, I have since decided that some things (irritations and annoyances mostly) just can’t be expressed with pears. Or, I guess I should say, they cannot be expressed clearly enough with pears. So I have decided to occasionally post a comic or drawing that isn’t a pear.

windshield wipers on glasses

Wearing glasses in the winter is annoying.


Music Too Loud

music too loud

Don’t you hate this?

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Another one from Work-a-Day Pear!

jealousy layout


Adjusting an Office Chair

office chair layout

This is an older comic that I redid for the Work-A-Day Pear comic.


Dokter Peer / Doctor Pear

dokter peer 2dokter peer 1

 A few months ago, Esther, a very nice woman in Europe (probably the Netherlands given the Dutch description), contacted me about doing this custom drawing (a doctor pear tending to a sick blueberry). She wanted to give the picture to her friend as a gift for finishing medical school. I LOVED the project because their nicknames for each other are pear and blueberry– very cute! Esther ended up putting the image on a bag for her friend, and I think it looks amazing!

dokter peer bag

I am always interested in making custom drawings / prints. If you’re interested, you can contact me through Etsy or email me at drew[at]angriestpear[dot]com.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but then I took these pictures and decided I wanted to share them. These are the NEW versions of the knit pears (coming soon to my Etsy shop). They’re a little smaller, but I think I like them better.

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

(An action shot)

photo 2

photo 5

photo 4

Hope your Valentines are less grumpy!


Valentine’s Day Chocolate

valentines day candy 2014

Also, just a reminder: I’ll be at the Market Cooperative today selling pear things! Stop by if you’re in Montreal!

11 am -6 pm

3480 rue McTavish


Figure Skating Pear: Pearseverance

figure skating pear computer color1 copy

I love how when the figure skaters fall, they always get up and keep going.


Fictional Pears: Hercule Poirot Favorite Quotes

hercule poirot humbility

Again, I can’t remember what episode this is from. But maybe J. Lau does?

Here are some more of my favorite Hercule Poirot quotes (from the television series):

hercule poirot 4 layout

From “Elephants Can Remember”

hercule poirot 2 layout

From “Peril at End House”

hercule poirot 1

Pear Houseguest


pear houseguest


And the Winners Are…

i win with border

Thank you for participating in the Facebook / Twitter contest. I really appreciate all of your comments, and I honestly wish I could give everyone a comic or calendar. But that would be too expensive. So chosen at random, here are the two winners:

Anna Cull of In the Art Cave

Carla of Team Nugget

I used this list randomizer at to randomly decide the winners. I only mention it because I think it’s neat!


Keeping Plants over the Winter

plants perk up

This is the problem with bringing plants inside for the winter. 

By the way, there’s still time to enter the Facebook / Twitter contest and win a Pear Calendar or a comic book!

Just like or follow Angry Pear on Facebook or Twitter (if you have done so already, then of course you can enter), then comment on the contest post. It’s very important that you comment on the contest post to enter the contest.


Facebook / Twitter Contest!

facebook widget jan 2014twitter widget jan 2014

Angry Pears like attention too! Like or Follow Angry Pear on Facebook or Twitter and comment below to win a Pears of the World 2014 calendar or a comic book of your choosing.

il_fullxfull.543858003_haho  il_570xN.395337061_goy7

All you have to do is “like” or “follow” Angry Pear on Facebook OR Twitter and comment here why you like Angry Pear or which prize you would like. If you’ve already liked or followed Angry Pear (thank you!), just comment here anyway. The contest is open to anyone in the world.

By the end of the day next Sunday (January 26), I’ll pick two winners at random from the comments below.

 Let’s take another look at the pearific prizes you can win!

The Pears of the World calendar features 12 different types of pears, along with a description for each month. I had a lot of fun putting this together.



 New comics from 2013 include Pearishables, Pears of History, Myth and Legend, and Work-a-Day Pear. I also have few copies left of comics from past years.







Good luck everyone! Here are the Facebook and Twitter links again!


Pear Martini

pear martini 1 color

pear martini 2


Well Lotioned Pear – Part 2

(Click here for part 1)

well lotioned pear part 2

In part 1 I said that there was no such thing as applying too much lotion this time of year. Maybe I was wrong about that…


Well Lotioned Pear – part 1

well lotioned pear part 1

This time of year, it seems you can never apply too much lotion.

Stay tuned for part 2 next week!


Favorite Posts from 2013

If you’re on WordPress, you know that they send this nice summary of the past year at the end of every year. I thought I’d post the favorite comics  (according to their tracking of page views) from 2013. Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed to this blog. I really appreciate all of your comments and support!

1. Looking Back: Halloween 2

(Just a link for this one since there are a few comics here).

2. Hercule Poirot Favorite Quotes

hercule poirot 4 layout

3. Cooking Terminology

cooking terminology burnt

4. Another Hercule Poirot quote

hercule poirot 2 layout

5. Things to Do When You’re Bored at Work

things to do when you're bored at work


Boxing Day

boxing day

Yes, pears wear belts. And they especially need new ones after all the nibbles on Christmas!

Hope you all had a nice holiday!



entrepearneuse color

This one is from a new print comic Work-A-Day Pear!


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It’s Manhattan Weather!

manhattan weather color 2

Want a print of this one? I’ve added a hand-painted and matted print to my Etsy shop!


Happy Thanksgiving!


thanksgiving pears color

thanksgiving angry color

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US ! Hope your celebrations are more like the top picture and don’t devolve into the second one!

Maybe the food was too caramelized. Haha.

Cooking Terminology


cooking terminology burnt


A similar sentiment that I also say all the time. 


Knitting with Rabbit

knitting wth rabbit color

Just a reminder that I’ll be selling pear comics, etc. today at the Market Cooperative. If you’re in Montreal, stop by!

11 AM-6 PM

McGill SSMU Ballroom

3480 rue McTavish


Neighbors: Revenge

neighbors revenge full

The war over the staircase continues!

Here are some previous installments in the ongoing battle between Angry Pear and her neighbor:


A Peace Offering

Loud Walking

Sharing a Staircase (one of my favorites)

The War Escalates



Distroboto and Angry Pear!

Distroboto is a project run by Archive Montreal that repurposes old cigarette machines into art vending machines. A few weeks ago, I made super mini versions of my Angry Pear comics for them! At $2 a pop, it’s a great way to learn about and support  local artists.


They are currently stocked with three Angry Pear titles; Hipster Pear, Pears Gone Wild, and Pear and Rabbit. If you’re interested in full size versions of these titles, visit my Etsy shop. And, if you’re in Montreal, stop by some of their machine locations (listed on their website) and pick up a few of the goodies they’re selling.

distroboto 2

[Image of Distroboto machine from]

Enemy List


fruit bowl


Nightmare on Pear St.

nightmare on pear st

Happy Halloween!


Nospearatu and Other Spooky Pears

I’ve posted all of these before, but thought I’d post some Halloween pears from previous years. I redrew Nospearatu and Pear Sematary, however.

nospearatu pear sematary



For more Halloween pears, click here!



too busy to answer the phone full

Bringing in the Plants


bringing in the plants


And the Winner is…

The Pear of the Month winner for February 2013 is….

Snow Days!

snow daysThanks for voting!



you really get on my nerves


Pear of the Month – February 2013

Yes, February was a long time ago, but I’m still going to post my favorite pears of that month, and ask you to vote on your favorites. Like I said with my last pear of the month, I’m hoping to turn the winners into a calendar!

The nominees:

Staying on Budget:

staying on budget full

Leftover Cake:

leftover cake full

Snow Days:

snow days

Rabbit Poo:

rabbit poo full

Boxing Pear:

boxer pear 1

boxer pear 2

You can vote using the poll on the sidebar. You can also write in pears from February 2013. I’ll leave the poll up for about a week, and then announce the winner!

Thanks for voting!

Pear Tree


pear tree full

Dietary Restrictions

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dietary restrictions full

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Sales Pitch

already have a waistWhy do salespeople say things like this?!

(click the image to enlarge)

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Leftover Cupcake

leftover cupcake full(click the image to enlarge)


Technical Difficulties

technical difficulties

Last week my computer died, and I had to erase everything on it and reinstall the operating system. As a result, I lost the pre-prepared (prePEARed?) pears I had planned to post in the next week or so. So, I’ll be taking a hiatus from posting as I get all this together.

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Pear Kayak

pearish kayak

I actually tried this method of conveyance this summer (I am the pear in the inner tube).